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Brimsdown FC operates through several dedicated committees, each with a specific focus aimed at ensuring the smooth functioning and progress of our club's activities. These committees play a vital role in various aspects of our operations, from programme development to community engagement.




This committee focuses on identifying, planning and implementing various programmes and initiatives aimed at enhancing player development, coaching standards and overall club operations.

Community Outreach Committee:

Dedicated to fostering connections with our local community, this committee spearheads outreach efforts, partnerships with local organisations and initiatives aimed at promoting inclusion and social impact.

Finance & Admin Committee:

Responsible for overseeing the financial management and administrative affairs of the club, this committee ensures transparency, accountability and efficiency in our financial operations.

Facilities & 

Equipment Committee:

Charged with the upkeep and improvement of our facilities and equipment, this committee ensures that our players have access to safe, high-quality facilities and resources to support their development and enjoyment of the game.

Youth Development Committee:

Youth Development Committee: Focused on the growth and development of our young players, this committee designs and implements programs, policies, and initiatives aimed at nurturing talent, fostering sportsmanship and providing opportunities for youth engagement and development.

Each committee comprises dedicated volunteers and club members who are passionate about contributing to the success and sustainability of Brimsdown FC. Through their collaborative efforts, we strive to create a vibrant and inclusive football community that enriches the lives of all involved.

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