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Brimsdown FC Pre-Season Fixture Preview: A Comprehensive Warm-Up Schedule

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming football season, Brimsdown FC is gearing up for a rigorous pre-season schedule. With six exciting fixtures lined up against diverse opponents, the team is set to test their mettle and fine-tune their tactics. Here’s a detailed look at the pre-season matchups that will help shape Brimsdown FC's preparations for the competitive season ahead.

02 July: Brimsdown FC vs Soul FC @ New River, N22 5QW

The pre-season kicks off  against Soul FC at New River. This match will be an excellent opportunity for the team to shake off the rust and integrate new signings into the squad. Soul FC, known for their tenacity and spirited play, will provide a robust challenge to start the pre-season on an engaging note.

06 July: Brimsdown FC vs Frenford Development FC @ New River, N22 5QW

Second fixture will be against Frenford Development FC. This game promises to be a fascinating encounter as both teams look to showcase their developmental talent. Expect a dynamic clash with plenty of youthful exuberance on display.

13 July: Brimsdown FC vs CSM London FC @ Enfield College, EN3 5HA

The team hits the road to face CSM London FC at Enfield College. Playing away from their familiar turf will be a good test of Brimsdown’s adaptability and resilience. CSM London FC, with their strategic play, will ensure that Brimsdown FC faces a competitive and challenging environment.

16 July: Brimsdown FC vs London Colney FC @ New River, N22 5QW

Returning to New River, Brimsdown FC takes on London Colney FC. Known for their disciplined approach and solid defensive strategies, London Colney FC will push Brimsdown to refine their attacking play and break down a well-organised defense.

20 July: Brimsdown FC vs Chadwell Heath Spartans FC @ Robert Clack School, RM8 1FL

In their penultimate pre-season fixture, Brimsdown FC travels to Robert Clack School to face Chadwell Heath Spartans FC. This game will be crucial for the team to experience different playing conditions and styles. The Spartans, known for their physicality and high-energy play, will be a formidable opponent.

23 July: Brimsdown FC vs Haringey Borough U23 FC @ New River, N22 5QW

The pre-season concludes with a game against Haringey Borough U23 FC. This fixture will be particularly interesting as it pits Brimsdown FC against a younger, technically skilled squad. It will be an ideal final test, allowing the team to measure their readiness against youthful pace and agility.

Brimsdown FC’s pre-season schedule is thoughtfully crafted to provide a mixture of challenges, ensuring the team is well-prepared for the competitive season. Each game offers a unique test, from facing youthful sides to strategically robust opponents. Fans and players alike can look forward to an exciting and formative series of matches that will undoubtedly set the tone for the upcoming season. Stay tuned and support Brimsdown FC as they embark on this preparatory journey!


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